chair aziz

Aziz is a boy name from Uzbekistan meaning ‘beloved’.





Aziz is a so-called ‘nursing chair’ from the Restoration period in France around 1825. The front of Aziz is upholstered with a new dark blue fabric Varese from Designers Guild. The back is covered with a Suzani from Uzbekistan. Suzanis are embroidered pieces of cloth made by women in the region of Central Asia. Suzanis used to be dyed with natural pigments extracted from, for example, the root of the madder plant, walnuts, indigo plants, pomegranates and sumac berries. The suzani used at the back of Aziz consists of little teapot and flower motifs. A teapot is the Uzbek symbol for hospitality and abundance. Most people believe that the flower motives are symbols of fertility and prosperity.

Dimensions AZIZ: h85 x w60 x d62 cm