chair daring dani






Chair Daring Dani is a crapaud chair. The first fully upholstered chair arose in the mid-nineteenth century. Daring Dani has been adjusted to MOMIQ design and has been draped with a Kelim fabric from Turkey at the front. Kelim is the term for a special weaving technique of rugs that are made of wool. The back of Daring Dani is covered with a Suzani fabric from Uzbekistan. Suzani is the Persian word for needle. Suzanis are embroidered pieces of cloth made in the region of Central Asia. They are an important part of a girl’s dowry and are also used for decorative purposes in Central Asian households. Kelims and suzanis used to be dyed with natural pigments extracted from e.g. the root of the madder plant, walnuts, indigo plants, pomegranates and sumac berries.

from momiq with love