chair kuba



Kuba also called ’Bakuba’ a cluster of about 16 Bantu- speaking groups in southeastern Congo

After the sober 1940s, there was a return to economic prosperity and optimism in the years thereafter. This was also seen in the development of furniture. Chair Kuba is a good example of this period. It is a so called cocktail/club chair from the fifties. It is a small chair with a characteristic round back. The front has been covered with a new fabric Le Manachfrom Pierre Frey. The back has been covered with aKuba cloth from Congo, Afrika. Kuba cloth is handwoven using the strands from raffia palm leaves. The raffia strands are dyed in a variety of earth tones using vegetable dyes. The Kuba cloth displays a variety of interesting features including geometric designs executed in linear embroidery. Historically, the Kuba people have used their cloths as skirts, wrappers, sleeping mats and even currency.

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