MOMIQ loves colors, cultures, fabrics and furniture. The collections are therefore recognizable by their bright colors, combined with the feeling of past times and craftsmanship. The piece of furniture, the color of the fabric and the embroidery or weaving pattern is leading in the design process of our collections. We work from intuition, averse to trends or color palettes. Luxury originates from both true craftsmanship as well as creativity.

We use antique and vintage furniture combined with handcrafted colorful old and new fabrics. The fabrics used are mainly from countries along the old Silk Road. Among others, these are suzanis and ikat fabrics from Uzbekistan. Suzani means ‘from the needle’ in the Persian language. Suzanis are embroidered pieces of cloth made by women in the region of Central Asia. They are an important part of a girl’s dowry and are also used for decorative purposes in Central Asian households. With so many women participating in its creation, suzanis are a form of artistic expression, a way to communicate with the world outside. Colors are separately dyed and therefore their use is never quite uniform. Once the panels are complete and sewn together, the suzani is sometimes slightly mismatched. This forms the uniqueness of the suzani. In its asymmetry, its inconsistencies, and in its delightful flaws lies its beauty. A piece of art interpreted through the imagination of many women.

The fabrics we use are all unique, mostly old pieces. Although our aim is to design in a sustainable way, we also use new fabrics. These are all from established brands such as Designers Guild, Nobilis, Lorca and Osborne & Little. MOMIQ believes that you can sense the soul of each piece of furniture. Furniture is not only functional, it is part of your life and carries its own story. We therefore name our furniture. For the first collection Nomads we took inspiration from Uzbek words and children’s names. All furniture will be presented to the new owner with a detailed story telling the history of the furniture and the fabric used.

We hope you become inspired!

from momiq with love