chair nafisa

Nafisa is an Uzbek girl name meaning ‘elegant, grace’.





Chair Nafisa originates from France from the Louis XVI time. This type of chair is also called a ‘French open armchair’. The seat of the chair is upholstered with a Suzani fabric with sun motif from Uzbekistan. Suzanis are embroidered pieces of cloth made by women in the region of Central Asia. Suzanis used to be dyed with natural pigments extracted from , for example, the root of the madder plant, walnuts, indigo plants, pomegranates and sumac berries. The back of Nafisa has been covered with a new fabric from Lorca: Tupai. The backrest of Nafisa and the elbow-rests are covered with a fabric Bonaparte from Nobilis.

Dimensions NAFISA: h81 x w68 x d68 cm