chair sobir

Sobir is an Uzbek boy name meaning ‘robust, patient’.




Sobir is a Fauteuil à la Reine style chair which style was seen during the Regènce period in France (1715–1723). The front side of Sobir is upholstered with a new fabric Papilio Plain II from Osborne & Little. An embroidered strip from Uzbekistan is attached to the front of the seat. These strips are used to hang over the rolled-up bed quilts in tents and houses during the day. The back of the chair has been covered with an Uzbek Suzani fabric. Suzanis are embroidered pieces of cloth made by women in the region of Central Asia. They are an important part of a girl’s dowry and are also used for decorative purposes in Central Asian households.

Dimensions SOBIR: h105 x w71 x d65 cm

from momiq with love